With the expresión “Gourmet”, we pretend to transmit a new image in your coffee business, to offer a new added value to your company.

We wish to introduce you in the concept of innovation that the new times are demanding, to be differentiated  from the competitors around you, we can even provide you advice in the start up of your own business.

Don’t stay behind! Welcome to the new times!

This pack lets you offer your clients a better quality in your cafetería service, by giving a fresh coffee, freshly roasted, which besides emanates a cosy aroma all around your commercial premises, a real marketing hook that encreases the demand exponentially.

In addition, you can sell to your clients your own coffee, the secret of your unique and exclusive blend. It allows you to show a unique brand image, that differentiate your business from the competitors.

The most important thing in this pack is the incredible productivity that you will get with our know-how.


1 1 Kg. Green Coffee Roaster

1 Digital Coffee Grinder

2 Sacks 60 Kg. Green Coffee

3 Coffee Silos

Customized Cups

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