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Roaster for coffee, nuts, cereals or any other natural roast product, without any added as sugar or salt.

With a capacity of up to 5 kg per toast, about 20 kg per hour, depending on the size, density and moisture content of the product, as well as the preferred roasting point.

It does not require any installation, its maintenance is very simple. In addition, we are at your disposal in our after-sales service to accompany you in any questions you have and to teach you our know-how.

It is the ideal machine for gourmet coffee roasting, both for your own business and for selling to the final customer an exquisite coffee that they will consume at home every day. You can offer your customers a blend of exclusive and unique coffees, in this way, you can increase sales and the economic benefit of your business.

More information

  • This design is robust and innovative. We offer one model of industrial style with an optional computarised version with digital touch screen.

  • The energy consumption of our equipments is  lower compared to others. This is thanks to its infrared ceramic resistors, which makes our roasters the only ones on the market with this highly efficient heat concentration system.  

  • We also offer it as a gas roaster.

  • Each toast of 5kg of coffee beans lasts between 12 and 15 minutes, can be made up to 20 kg / hour.

  • The temperature of each toast can be easily regulated.

  • It has an accurate temperature detection system, shown in two digital screens, one of the sensors measures the temperature in the resistances and the other one inside the machine. There is also another analog retro control for industrial aesthetic purposes, which measures the temperatura inside the drum. 

  • It has a fan that cools the inside of the machine, extracting heat to keep the temperature constant.

  • It has a powerful heat extractor motor, which, once the toast is finished, cools the coffee in 4-5 minutes.

  • This extractor also allows to remove the coffee husk, so that the coffee beans come out completely clean. The coffee husk is directed towards a compartment that can be open to get it out.

  • The motor that rotates the drum is driven in two directions. Inward, pushing the coffee in this direction for a homogeneous roast and out, to extract the coffee once roasted.

  • The inside of the drum has propellers to stir coffee beans.

  • It has a circular viewing window made of heat-resistant glass.

  • It has a sample spoon to check the degree of roasting in any moment without breaking the process.

  • It also has a lateral spoon that gathers the remains of the husk and other minute particles.

  • The already roasted coffe extraction gate has a vintage hitch that holds it, this allows the operator to have his/her hands free for oher tasks.

  • Everything that is in contact with the food complies with the European Regulation and it is stainless steel grade 304 for food industry.

  • The front, the hopper and the extraction and cooling tubes on the sides of the machine are made of 304 polished stainless steel.

  • It is very easy to use and we accompany the client with our know-how through any electronic means or social networks.


Technical specifications

        Model: SK5

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Certification: CE

  • Made in: Spain

  • Capacity: 20 kg hour, 5 kg per roast

  • Current supply: 230 VAC   50 Hz

  • Electrical voltage: 110/220/380

  • Power in electric: 6000 w

  • Power in gas: 0,25 Kw

  • Intensity in electric: 30A

  • Intensity in gas: 2A

  • Coating: You can customize the colour. Powder coating oven-dried. Antioxidant, temperatura resistant, high protection

  • Cooling time: 4-5 minutes

  • Temperature range inside the drum: 180° a 220°

  • Height: 1170 cm

  • Width: 550 cm

  • Length: 1355 cm

  • Weight: 190 kg

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